Let's Capture Some Romance

Kristen and Lane



 "Okay! lets capture some romance!" I can certainly relate to the anxiety a couple might feel on hearing those words. It's hard to feel romantic when you're on the spot and in front of a lens! But hey! that is why we came here...to capture how you really feel about each other. 

     I like to spend some time with my clients before a shoot to get to know them a bit. I had lunch with Kristen and Lane before their photoshoot. It really helped to relax everyone, but still, "Just look natural" is easier said than done. You wonder "what do I do with my hands", "am I doing this right?" "where should I look?"  It's my job to give good direction so you feel relaxed and beautiful and in the end, love the images we make!

     Kristin and Lane were super and their charm and love for each other definitely shines through in their images. These guys were the absolute best to work with!