Group Exhibitions
  2017            13th Annual Alternative Processes Competition, Soho Photo Gallery, 
                        New York, NY
  2017            Alternative Processes, Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville, SC

  2017            The Female Gaze: Portraits, Don’t Smile, on-line exhibition, Curator: Ashley

  2017            Alternatives 2017: Where I Come From, Ohio University’s Seigfred Gallery, 
                       Athens, OH

  2017            Photography Re-Imagined VI: Visual Storytelling, Tilt Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
  2016            Professional Certificate Program Graduation Exhibition, Maine Media
                                  Gallery, Rockport, ME
  2016            Maine Media Student Exhibition: Professional Certificate Graduates and
                                  Community Students, Pho Pa Gallery, Portland, ME

  2012               The Procrasti Nation, Arts West,  Athens, OH

  2017             The Hand Magazine, April, Issue 16. 30

  2017             The Hand Magazine, July, Issue 17. 50

  2017             The Hand Magazine, October, Issue 18. 17