Erin Tokarz grew up in a big family in a small house in the suburbs of Columbus Ohio. With the camera her father gave her, she ventured out into the world, living and traveling throughout the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile. Erin has been making friends, and capturing moments ever since.

Erin approaches photography with grace and compassion. Whether she is making a formal portrait of you or spending the day with your family at the beach for a more documentary approach to capturing your days, she makes you feel special and at ease. Erin's careful attention to composition and light lend a certain calm to even the most chaotic scene and her fine art prints respect and honor your memories.

Erin is a 2016 graduate of Maine Media Workshops + College's Professional Certificate Program in Visual Storytelling.

She currently resides in Rockland, Maine and is available to make your portrait or document your memories.